Welcome to the catalogs space. This space contains ibanez catalogs indexed and tagged for easy searching. Captain and I will add in more scans of other items that we dig up. The aim is to provide somewhere to start in terms of searching for old models.

Scans originally from hasy's site http://www.ibanez-vintage-page.de/ and http://www.ibanez.ru/info/index.php?catalog and the work that "Mongo" has done at - http://s93105080.onlinehome.us/Ibanez-Catalogs/
Brought here to be searchable

We also recently found out that the scans from the russian site trace back originally to Rich Harris' site http://www.ibanezrules.com/. So we're currently discussing with him how we can give him the credit for all the work he has done that others have taken.

Be sure to also check out http://www.ibanez.com/catalogs/


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