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Pre-serial number Model 2459 (aka Korina Destroyer)
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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
- Charles Caleb Colton, 1780-1832

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery until the lawyers get involved
- some anonymous wit

The Ibanez Destroyer

The copy that became more (in)famous than the original.  The guitar that was spawned in the hard rock era of the 1970s and became the epitome of the 1980s big hair, heavy metal scene.  An axe with attitude to spare, the Destroyer made gods of geeks.  Anyone could pick up a Destroyer and immediately look like a juke box hero whether they could play a note or not.

The Destroyer has been one of Hoshino-Gakki's most enduring Ibanez models for over thirty (30) years.  It began life in 1975 as a copy of Gibson Musical Instruments' Explorer™ and has evolved over the decades through various design and line changes: the original Model 2459, the Destroyer-II line, the X-Series line, and the DT Series line.

There have been both 6-String and Bass versions of the Destroyer model, export models, German-only and Japanese-only domestic models.

There is a lot of outright confusion and false "truths" regarding the Ibanez Destroyer and there seems to be surprisingly little concrete, historical documentation regarding such a sought-after guitar.  Most of its history appears to come from current and past Hoshino-Gakki employees' memories and second hand, anecdotal evidence.

As I go through the task of building this section of the Wiki site, I will attempt to sort fact from fiction, urban legend from reality, and will document my references for others to verify my work.

- Destroyer POC (
  21 September 2008

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